About Sonet Digital

Who we are?

Sonet Digital have evolved over a 14 year period and were formerly known as Southbourne.com whose primary focus is Internet marketing. In that time our core services have grown to encompass social media marketing, brand awareness, and ecommerce solutions.

How is the company made up?

Sonet Digital Ltd has a core of full time personnel and a regular pool of specialist from a variety of disciplines.

These specialists are vetted to ensure that they meet Sonet Digital's exacting standards. We find that this approach to a project allows us to choose precisely the right people for the right jobs while maintaining a lean operation.

This in turn enables Sonet Digital to provide quality and cost effective solutions. We also have an in-house team of multimedia professionals that handle the main core projects and search engine marketing.

Who are our main customers?

Sonet Digital has completed a variety of projects for numerous clients both large and small. We have been involved in work for both blue-chip corporations such as BT, and The Independent, and for smaller companies and organisations.

We have also provided services to Poole Hospital, Bournemouth & Poole College of further Education, Culture Club, Statscom, Mankind Grooming, Langtry Manor Hotel, Beasts Footwear, Marden Edwards Ltd, Gucci Group, Cygnus Instruments, Genesis, Music3W, Govt. of Saudi Arabia, Molins ITCM, Langtry Manor, myJournal.com, Manscape, Bathrooms-Plus, HM Statistics Office, JCB Group, Cygnus Instruments Ltd.

Current projects include work for a social media portal, bespoke content management systems, and several commercial sites.

Why Choose Sonet Digital?

We deliver high quality products at very competitive prices that are backed by industry expertise. Our clients are guided through the process and consulted at every step.

Because of the way Sonet Digital operates we can react to a client's needs quickly and effectively.

In the last two years we have added a number of solutions that include publishing and printing and corporate branding. We have merged these solutions with our main services of search engine optimisation (SEO) and web design and built on these foundations making Sonet Digital the innovative company we are today – a highly competent new media agency.

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